Behaviour of elementary bolted steel T-stub connections: an evaluation of EC3 design procedure


Abstract: Design rules of bolted steel beam-to-column connections have already turned towards new approaches in philosophy and methodology. In this paper, elementary bolted steel T-stub connections, proportioned according to Eurocode3 (EC3), were studied by means of a 3-dimensional finite element model using the ANSYS software package. The specimens reflected different geometric and strength parameters. Parameters considered were the thickness of the flange, the distance between the mid-web and the bolt line, and the distance between the bolt line and the end of the flange. The elastoplastic response, up to the ultimate state, was analysed and aspects relative to stiffness, strength, bolt loads, prying forces, and interaction between flanges were examined. Comparisons of experimental values, computed results, and EC3 predictions indicated that the design procedure still needs to be improved, owing to the complex phenomena embodied.

Keywords: Bolted steel T-stub connections, 3D finite elements, EC3 design procedure, combined failure modes, stiffness, strength, friction effects, contact region, prying forces, bolt loads

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