Computer Solutions of Plane Strain Axisymmetric Thermomechanical Problems


Abstract: A simple computational model is developed to estimate elastic, elastic-plastic, fully plastic, and residual stress states in generalized plane strain axisymmetric structures considering temperature dependent physical properties as well as nonlinear isotropic strain hardening. Using the von Mises yield criterion, total deformation theory and a Swift-type nonlinear hardening law, a single nonlinear differential equation governing thermoelastoplastic behavior is obtained. A shooting technique using Newton iterations with numerically approximated tangents is used for the computer solution of the governing equation. Various numerical examples including plane strain and generalized plane strain problems for cylinders and tubes are handled. It is shown that the thermoelostoplastic response of the structures considered here is affected significantly by the temperature dependency of the physical properties of the material; the effect of nonlinear strain hardening, however, is observed to be not as great as the latter.

Keywords: Stress analysis, Thermoelastoplasticity, Residual stresses, Nonlinear strain hardening, Von Mises criterion

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