The Spectral Reflectance Responses of Water with Different Levels of Suspended Sediment in The Presence of Algae


Abstract: Examining and measuring levels of suspended sediments of water column is a common application of close range remote sensing, because the technology offers an efficient and economical means of studying water quality problems. The aim of this experiment was to use close range remote sensing to determine the effect of increasing suspended sediment concentration containing different levels of organic matter on algal spectral patterns. The experiment was conducted in a small room with a 65-l volume water container. A Spectron Engineering SE-590 spectroradiometer with a 15° optic was used to take the radiant measurements. The results indicate that the suspended sediment causes increasing spectral response in surface waters. The organic matter content of the suspended sediment has an effect on the spectral reflectance. Therefore, the organic content of the soil present in the water body can be estimated and this property of sediment can help us to recognize the sediment type present in the various layers of the water.

Keywords: Suspended sediment, Remote sensing, Water quality, Spectron, Algae

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