Investigation of Wastewater Treatment Containing Phenol Using Fee and Ca-Alginate Gel Immobilized P. putida in a Batch Stirred Reactor

Authors: Gültaç BÜLBÜL, Zümriye AKSU

Abstract: In this study, the treatment of phenolic wastewater investigated using free and calcium alginate gel immobilized Pseudomonas putida in a batch stirred reactor. For calcium alginate gel immobilized P. putida system a wide optimum range for temperature and initial pH were determined as 25^0C-35^0C and 5-8, respectively. In immobilized microrganism sytem, it was also observed that, the substrate inhibition began at higher initial penol concentrations. According to experimental results, free and immobilized P. putida can be used successfully for the phenol removal and treatment in industrial applications.

Keywords: Phenol pollution, free P. putida, Ca-alginate gel immobilized P. putida, batch stirred reactor.