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To suppress uncertainties caused by parametric variations or disturbances, an adaptive switching gain (ASG) is proposed for integral sliding mode control (ISMC) to regulate speed in permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs). According to system uncertainties, the ASG is designed to adjust the switching gain to suppress the chattering. The adaptive law is a positive value resulting in an increment of the switching gain when the tracking trajectory is outside the boundary layer. Conversely, it is negative with a decrement of the gain. Further, it improves a convergent rate by the function of the reciprocal of the tracking error when the trajectory enters the sliding phase. ISMC with the ASG is applied to a PMSM experiment with the result that this method can effectively suppress high frequency chattering and shows excellent steady state performance of the current loop and speed in a servo system.


Permanent magnet synchronous motors, integral sliding mode control, switching gain, adaptive law, chattering

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