Design and implementation of a microcontroller based wind energy conversion system


Abstract: In this study, a dsPIC-controlled DC/DC boost converter and a wind turbine control system that tracks the maximum power point are designed and implemented. In practice, the energy generated by a permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine is applied to the load using a circuit that consists of a rectifier, boost converter, and protective load. The converter operates in the designed mode 35% more efficiently than in the normal operation mode. In addition, the wind turbine is protected from overvoltages in strong windy weather using the protective circuit. Experimental results show that the ripple value on the direct current belonging to the converter output complies with the IEC 61204 standard. Moreover, the designed system is fast and easily programmable, and it can be adapted to other wind turbine models.

Keywords: Boost converter, wind energy, maximum power point tracking, dump load, dsPIC

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