Risk-averse optimal bidding strategy for a wind energy portfolio managerincluding EV parking lots for imbalance mitigation


Abstract: In this study, an optimal bidding strategy for a wind energy portfolio manager (WEPM) including electricvehicle parking lots (EVPLs) that aims to maximize profits by trading in the day-ahead (DA) market and balancingmarket (BM) and through bilateral contracts, taking into account line capacities and risk management is proposed. Thementioned structure is modeled in mixed integer linear programming (MILP) framework, and the uncertainties regardingelectric vehicle (EV) behavior, electricity market data, wind power generation are captured via a stochastic approach. Todemonstrate the effectiveness of the model, several case studies are carried out considering Sweden and Turkey electricitymarket prices with different risk aversion factors and bilateral contract situations. In this manner, the important resultsas well as useful findings regarding the economic impacts of the proposed concept are analyzed in detail.

Keywords: Electricity market, electric vehicle parking lots, optimal bidding, risk aversion, wind energy portfolio

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