On the outage performance of SWIPT-NOMA-CRS with imperfect SIC and CSI


Abstract: In this paper, a nonorthogonal multiple access based cooperative relaying system (NOMA-CRS) is consideredto increase spectral efficiency. Besides, the simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) is proposedfor the relay in NOMA-CRS. In SWIPT-NOMA-CRS, three different energy harvesting (EH) protocols, power sharing(PS), time sharing (TS) and ideal protocols are implemented. The outage performances of the SWIPT-NOMA-CRSare studied for all three EH protocols. In the analysis, to represent practical/reasonable scenarios, imperfect successiveinterference canceler (SIC) and imperfect channel state information (CSI) are taken into consideration. The derivedoutage probability (OP) expressions are validated via computer simulations. Besides, the OP for the benchmark scheme,NOMA-CRS without EH, is also derived under imperfect SIC and CSI. Based on extensive simulations, it is revealedthat the SWIPT-NOMA-CRS outperforms NOMA-CRS without EH. Finally, the effects of all parameters on the outageperformance of the SWIPT-NOMA-CRS are discussed and for the given scenarios, the optimum PS factor, TS factorand power allocation coe?icients are demonstrated.

Keywords: Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer, nonorthogonal multiple access, cooperative relayingsystems, outage analysis, imperfect SIC, channel estimation errors

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