New fail operational powernet methods and topologies for automated drivingwith electric vehicle


Abstract: Electric mobility and automation are important drivers for the future of the automotive industry. Thisrequires an extremely high level of safety, reliability, and efficiency of the energy supply in the vehicle compared to the stateof the art. It is not possible to fulfill these requirements with today's energy supply. To meet these requirements, a fault-operational, scalable powernet is needed. In this paper, a new methodology is presented for the development of powernetfor automated driving with electric vehicle. The new method enables the development of new fail operational powernettopologies, early detection of failures in powernet components and the fulfillment of automated driving requirements.With these new methods, many new topologies were developed, simulated and tested in the test bench and individualsteps are clarified with an example. The individual steps are analysis of requirements, development of the topology,possible failures and combinations of failures in powernet components and simulation and test.

Keywords: Electric vehicle, automated driving, energy storage, fault operational powernet, fault tolerant, topology

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