Experimental studies of a scaled-down TSR-based SVC and TCR-based SVC prototype for voltage regulation and compensation


Abstract: In this paper, prototypes of two shunt flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices, a thyristor switched reactor (TSR)-based static VAr compensator (SVC) and a thyristor controlled reactor (TCR)-based static VAr compensator- have been developed. The design and testing of both a TSR-based SVC and a TCR-based SVC are accomplished in the Power Systems Research Laboratory of Nigde University. The TSR-based SVC and TCR-based SVC devices are studied in three-bus and single machine infinite bus systems for three-phase static load conditions. The effects of TSR-based SVC and TCR-based SVC devices on load voltages are also analyzed. Experimental results show that significant improvement in reactive power compensation and voltage regulation is achieved by using TSR-based SVC and TCR-based SVC.

Keywords: Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Thyristor Switched Reactor-Based Static VAr Compensator, Thyristor Controlled Reactor, Voltage Regulation, Compensation.

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