Neuro-fuzzy soft-switching hybrid filter for impulsive noisy environments


Abstract: In this study, a new soft-switching hybrid filter based on a neuro-fuzzy network for impulsive noisy environments is proposed. The hybrid filter was built by combining an adaptive finite impulse response (FIR) filter, an adaptive weighted myriad (WMy) filter, and a soft-switching mechanism based on a neuro-fuzzy (NF) network. Performance of the hybrid filter was tested in \alpha-stable noisy situations and compared with adaptive FIR, WMy, and weighted median (WMd) filter performances. According to the simulation results; the proposed hybrid filter has better performance than the adaptive FIR, WMy, and WMd filters, and has the ability of effectively suppressing the impulsive noisy environments.

Keywords: \alpha-stable noise, nonlinear filtering, myriad filter, hybrid filter

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