A new CMOS Differential OTRA Design for the Low Voltage Power Supplies in the Sub-Micron Technologies


Abstract: In this study, a new CMOS differential OTRA topology is proposed. This topology can operate with a very low voltage power supply as \pm 0.6V. In this design, CMOS 0.13 \mu m STMicroelectronics technology transistor models are used for the simulations. The designed CMOS OTRA has a transresistance gain (Rm) of 7478 V/I with a 28.1 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB) and a transresistance unity-gain bandwidth of 2 GHz. To demonstrate the performance of the OTRA, designed low pass, high pass and band pass filters employing a single CMOS differential OTRA and passive elements are tested with SPICE simulation program to verify the theoretical results.

Keywords: OTRA, transimpedance amplifier, low voltage power supply, current-mode circuit, sub-micron technology, filter design

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