Turkish J Earth Sci
E-ISSN: 1303-619X
ISSN: 1300-0985
Year: 1996 Volume: 5 Number: 2
  1. Stratigraphic Evolution and Tectonics in an Area of High Seismicity: Akyazı/Adapazarı (Pontides, Northwestern Turkey)
    Emil GREBER
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 63-79
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  2. Neotectonic Structures Indicating Extensional and Contractional Strain within Pliocene Deposits Near the NW Margin of the Niksar Pull-Apart Basin, Turkey
    Orhan TATAR
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 81-90
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  3. Geology, Hydrochemistry, Mineralogy and Economic Potential of the Bolluk Lake (Cihanbeyli-Konya) and the Adjacent Area
    İbrahim GÜNDOĞAN, Cahit HELVACI
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 91-104
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  4. Metamorphism of Palaeozoic Schists in the Southern Menderes Massif: Field, Petrographic, Textural and Microstructural Evidence
    Erdin BOZKURT
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 105-121
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  5. Geochemical Characteristics of the Eastern Pontide Volcanics, Turkey: An Example of Multiple Volcanic Cycles in the Arc Evolution
    M. Zeki ÇAMUR, İsmail H. GÜVEN, Murat ER
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 123-144
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  6. Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Upper Paleozoic Sequences in the Pulur (Bayburt) Region, Eastern Pontides
    Aral I. OKAY, E. Ja. LEVEN
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 145-155
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