Turkish J Earth Sci
E-ISSN: 1303-619X
ISSN: 1300-0985
Year: 1996 Volume: 5 Number: 1
  1. The Geology and Coal Petrography of Miocene Lacustrine Lignites and Permian Bituminous Coals from the Karapinar Area, Sariz-TURKEY
    Ali İhsan KARAYİĞİT, Yasin AKDAĞ
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 1-10
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  2. Northern Margin of the Gediz Graben: Age and evolution, west Turkey
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 11-23
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  3. Distribution of Small Scale Sedimentary Cycles Throughout Several Selected Basins
    Attila ÇİNER
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 25-37
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  4. Stable Isotope (O, H and C) Studies and the Origin of the Mineralising Fluid in the Vein Type Antimony Deposits in the Turhal Area, Turkey
    Ahmet GÖKÇE, Baruch SPIRO
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 39-43
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  5. Determination of Extension Directions in Naturally Deformed Limestones within Strike-slip Fault Zones Using Microfractures; Niksar basin (Turkey) as a case Study
    Orhan TATAR
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 45-53
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  6. Granulite Facies Gneisses from the Pulur Region, Eastern Pontides
    Aral I. OKAY
    Turkish J Earth Sci, 5, (1996), 55-61
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