Combined qualitative and quantitative regional interpretation of the thermal results of magnetic data in the Eastern Mediterranean Region


Abstract: The study presents thermal structure and active-passive tectonic parts of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Curie point depth, heat flow map, Moho depth and sediment thickness are used for interpretation. The levelled magnetic data that obtained from the World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map (WDMAM) is used. The magnetic anomaly is divided into 39 zones for Curie point depth estimation. The Curie point depth values are calculated into Fourier domain. Then heat flow map is generated. The estimated Curie point depth values are ranging from 4.5 km to 25 km. Furthermore, heat flow values are between 55 mW/m2 and 277 mW/m2. Moho depth, Moho depth-Curie depth and sediment thickness are used for constraining interpretation. Interpretation indicates that the northern and southern parts of the Mediterranean Ridge present different thermal characteristics.

Keywords: Curie point depth, heat flow, thermal structure, East Mediterranean, Mediterranean Ridge

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