Surface Properties and Catalytic Performance of Pt/PrSrCoO_4 Catalysts for NO Reduction by CO


Abstract: Perovskite-type Pr_{2-x}Sr_xCoO_{4\pm \lambda} mixed oxides were prepared by different calcination temperatures and were investigated by XRD, BET, TPD, TPR and XPS methods. These catalysts possess high catalytic activities towards the NO reduction by CO, and the activity of the PrSrCoO_4 catalyst prepared by calcining at 750 °C is the best among these samples. This is explained in terms of its greater oxygen vacancies and larger BET surface areas. The influence of modification by a suitable amount of Pt-doping on the surface properties and catalytic activity for NO reduction by CO was studied. The results show that the Pt-modified PrSrCoO_4 catalysts display activity significantly higher than that of the Pt-free system PrSrCoO_4. Characterization of the catalysts by XRD, TPD, TPR and XPS methods reveals that both the surface and the bulk phase of the perovskite-type PrSrCoO_4 play important roles in the catalytic activities for NO reduction by CO.

Keywords: Perovskite-type A_2BO_4, Pt/PrSrCoO_4, XPS, NO reduction by CO

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