Photochemical bromination of substituted indan-1-one derivatives: synthesis of new polybromoindan-1-one derivatives


Abstract: The photobromination of substituted indan derivatives was studied. Four products, 2,3-dibromo-inden-1-one (5), trans-2,3-dibromoindan-1-one (6), 2,2-dibromoindan-1,3-dione (7) and 2,2-dibromoindan-1-one (8), were obtained by the bromination of indan-1-one (4). The bromination of 2-methyl indanone (9) and 3-methyl-indanone (13) gave the corresponding monobromo, dibromo, and tribromo compounds in high yield. 4-Nitro indan (16) was tribrominated under same condition reaction. The structures of these products were determined from ^1H-NMR, ^{13}C-NMR, MS, and IR data.

Keywords: Indan-1-one, 2-methyl-1-indanone, 3-methly-1-indanone, 4-nitro indan.

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