Highly selective Schiff base derivatives for colorimetric detection of Al$^{3+}$


Abstract: Schiff base derivatives NBAR and NSAR were developed for selective detection of Al$^{3+}$ in aqueous solution. UV-vis spectroscopic studies revealed that NBAR and NSAR showed marked sensitivity and selectivity to Al$^{3+}$ in acetonitrile (ACN)/water (v/v, 1:1, pH 6.80). The NBAR and NSAR receptors bound Al$^{3+}$ in a 2:1 stoichiometry with apparent binding constants 4.09 $\times $ 10$^{11}$ M$^{-2}$ and 1.65 $\times $ 10$^{12}$ M$^{-2}$, respectively. They also displayed distinct changes in color upon the alteration of free Al$^{3+}$ levels in solution with reversible responses and showed little interference with other metal ions.

Keywords: Colorimetric sensor, Schiff base, aluminum, selectivity

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