Singlet oxygen generation from poly[4-diacetoxyiodo]styrene and hydrogen peroxide


Abstract: Treatment of hydrogen peroxide with a polymer-supported hypervalent iodine compound, poly[4-diacetoxyiodo] styrene (PDAIS), generates singlet molecular oxygen ($^{1}$O$_{2})$. Singlet oxygen generation was proved by trapping with typical organic compounds such as conjugated dienes, aromatic dienes, and electron-rich alkene. When compared to monomer analogue, the use of PDAIS in peroxidation of substrates gave slightly better yields (45%-96%). Regeneration and reuse of PDAIS showed similar activity. The mechanism underlying generation of singlet oxygen and reaction scope was examined.

Keywords: Hydrogen tetroxide, oxidation, peroxyiodane, polymer-supported hypervalent iodine, singlet oxygen

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