Thermodynamics of Dissociation of Strontium, Barium and Nickel Caproates in Water

Authors: Hüseyin TOPALLAR, Yüksel BAYRAK, Mehmet İŞCAN

Abstract: The critical micellar concentration (CMC) and thermodynamic parameters (heat \DeltaH_d, free energy \DeltaG_d, and entropy \DeltaS_d, of dissociation) of aqueous solutions of strontium, barium and nickel caproates were determined by conductivity measurements. A Kraus and Bray-type expression was used to evaluate molecular conductance at infinite dilution and theromdynamic parameters. The results confirm that CMC remains unaffected by temperature in the range of 25-55^{\circ}C, and show that the dissociation of soaps is an exothermic reaction and nonspontaneous.

Keywords: Critical micellar concentration, conductance, dissociation, barium, nickel and strontium caproate, thermodynamics.

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