A Novel, Semi-Pilot Scale Electrolysis System for the Production of p-Aminophenol


Abstract: Cyclic voltammetry (CV) and preparative electrolysis techniques were used to investigate the reduction of nitrobenzene into (NB) p-aminophenol (p-Ap). The electrodes used in CV experiments were glassy carbon (GC), TiO_{2}/Ti, Sn and Pb. The preparative electrolyses were carried out by the use of Pb, Sn, carbon cloth and TiO_{2}/Ti electrodes. The CV data were evaluated according to Nicholson-Shain criteria, and it was deduced that the reductions on TiO_{2}/Ti and GC electrodes were irreversible and monitored by an electrochemical-chemical-electrochemical mechanism. No reduction peak was observed with Sn and Pb electrodes. Preparative electrolyses were carried out under current-controlled conditions in the presence and absence of solvent. The best yield of (p-Ap) was obtained with a circulating neat NB electrolysis system on a TiO_{2}/Ti electrode.

Keywords: Nitrobenzene, p-aminophenol, cyclic voltammetry, continuous electrolysis, electrolytic reduction.

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