Spectrophotometric Determination of the pK_a Values of Some Aminoacid Complexes of Pentacyanoferrate(II) and Pentacyanoruthenate(II)

Authors: Yakup BARAN, Şebnem BARAN, N. Kemal TUNALI

Abstract: The syntheses, pK_a and spectrospcopic characterization of [Fe(CN)_5(H_2O)]^{-3} and [Ru(CN)_5(H_2O)]^{-3} complexes of alanine(Ala), glycine(Gly), valine(Val), lysine(Lys), arginine(Arg) and cysteine(Cys) complexes were investigated in aqueous solution. The spectra of the complexes containing amino acid ligands were similar to that of [Fe(CN)_5(NH_3)]^{-3}. The pK_a values of the complexes were measured by spectrophotometric titration at 22^{\circ}C and \mu =0.100 M(NaClO_4).


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