Controlled Release of Aldicarb From Carboxymethylcellulese Microcapsules

Authors: M. Yakup ARICA, Mustafa YİĞİTOĞLU, Mustafa LALE, Fatma N. KÖK, Vasıf HASIRCI

Abstract: Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was converted into microspheres by crosslinking with aluminum chloride. Various microsheres with different amounts of crosslinker, biopolymer of various concentrations and molecular weights, and with different pesticide (Aldicarb) contents and pesticide to polymer ratios were prepared. The pesticide encapsulation efficiencies and aldicarb release kinetics of the resultant microcapsules were investigated. It was possible to modify the release behaviour by varying the above parameters and to have drug release with half-lives longer than 100 hours in aqueous media. The release kinetics were described by first order and zero order kinetics.


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