Potentiometric Titrations of Semicarbazone Derivatives 6-Keto 9-17 Mono Methyl Substituted Octadecanoic Acids in Non-Aqueous Media

Authors: Mustafa YALÇIN, Süleyman TANYOLAÇ, İrfan KIZILCIKLI, Aydın TAVMAN

Abstract: The pK$_a$ values of 6-semicarbazone 9-17 monomethyl substituted octadecanoic acids were determined using the potentiometric titration method. 2-Propanol was used as the non-aqueous medium and tetrabutylammonium hydroxide (TBAH) as the titrant in the experiments. The contribution of semicarbazone and methyl groups to the pK$_a$ values of octadecanoic acids was investigated and evaluated. In addition, observations were made on the IR spectra of the compounds.


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