Synthesis and Complex Formation of Some Novel vic-Dioxime Derivatives of Hydrazones


Abstract: Three novel vic-dioxime compounds and their transition metal complexes were synthesized for the first time. These ligands are anti-glyoximehydrazine (GH_2), anti-2-pyridinealdehydeglyoxime hydrazone (PyGH_2) and anti-2-furancarboxaldehydeglyoxime hydrazone (FGH_2). The synthesized anti-glyoximehydrazine was reacted with 2-pyridinealdehyde or 2-furancarboxaldehyde to obtain the PyGH_2 and FGH_2 ligands. Mononuclear complexes of these ligands with a metal-ligand ratio of 1:2 were prepared with Ni(II), Co(II) and Cu(II) ions. The structures of the ligands and complexes were determined by ^1H n.m.r, i.r spectroscopy and elemental analytical techniques.

Keywords: vic-Dioximes, Glyoximes, Hydrazone compounds, Metal complexes

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