Thin Layer Chromatographic Separation and Quantitation of L-Dopa and L-Tyrosine in Mixtures


Abstract: A new TLC separation and quantitation method for L-tyrosine and L-Dopa mixtures was developed. The minimum tyrosine and Dopa quantities which can be measured by this technique are 0.7 and 1.5 \mu g respectively. The method may be used to measure the kinetic parameters of polyphenoloxidase as well as to trace the enzyme catalyzed conversion of L-tyrosine into L-Dopa. For a set of 20 measurements the maximum difference between any two measurements of spot areas was found to be 3 mm^2 (4.5\%) for L-Dopa (4 \mu g) and 2mm^2 (5.6\%) for L-tyrosine (1\mu g).

Keywords: TLC Separation, L-Dopa-L-Tyrosine mixtures.

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