Electrophoretic deposition and characterization of self-doped SrTiO$_{3}$ thin films


Abstract: Herein, titanium (Ti$^{3+}$) self-doped strontium titanate (SrTiO$_{3}$), so-called blue SrTiO$_{3}$, with a bandgap of 2.6 eV and favorable photocatalytic characteristics was fabricated through a facile and effective method. For electrochemical investigations, the electrophoretic deposition was applied to produce SrTiO$_{3}$ thin films on (fluorine-doped tin oxide) FTO conductive substrates. The electrophoretic voltage of 20 V and a process duration of 10 min were optimized to reach transparent and uniform coatings on FTO. The blue SrTiO$_{3}$ reveals lower resistance (charge transfer resistance of 6.38 Ω cm$^{-2}$) and higher electron mobility (current density value of 0.25 mA cm?2) compared to a pure SrTiO$_{3}$ electrode. These findings may provide new insights for developing high-performance visible light photocatalysts.

Keywords: Blue SrTiO$_{3}$, electrophoretic deposition, electrochemical reactions, oxygen vacancy, photocatalysis

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