Synthesis of Some Pyrazolo-Pyridazine Compounds

Authors: Adem ÖNAL, Yunus AKÇAMUR, Behzat ALTURAL

Abstract: Addition of {\bf 1} to two moles of phenylhydrazine gives 1,2,4,6- tetraphenyl-(2,3-d)-pyrazolo-5,6-pyridazine-7-one {\bf 4} isomer compound 1, 2,3,5-tetraphenyl-(2,3-d) pyrazolo-5,6-pyridazine-7-one {\bf 5} of {\bf 4} was synthesized by the reaction of {\bf 2} with phenylhydrazine. 3,4- Diphenyl-(2,3-d)-pyrazolo-(1H,6H)-pyridazine-7-one {\bf 6} was also obtained in two different ways. Reaction of {\bf 1} and 4-benzoyl-5 phenyl- furan-2,3-dione {\bf 3} with hydrazinium hydrate furnished compound {\bf 6}. The structures of {\bf 4,5} and {\bf 6} were determined by the ^{13} C- NMR, IR spectra and elemental analysis. These new isomer and condensed compounds synthesized in this study are important for heterocyclic chemistry.


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