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Two new species of Rhodocybe, R. asanii and R. asyae (Entolomataceae), are described and illustrated from the East Black Sea coast of Turkey. The new species are known from two different localities in Trabzon Province. Diagnostic morphological and molecular (nrITS and nrLSU sequences) characters between the new species and their allies are compared and discussed. Rhodocybe asanii is easily distinguished from related species by its small, reddish beige, convex to plate, or irregular, fragile pileus; adnexed to sinuate lamellae; a pruinose stipe; small basidiospores; and unique sequences. Rhodocybe asyae is recognized well by a rather small, thin, salmon pink, smooth, dish or slightly cup-shaped pileus; decurrent lamellae; a small, pruinose stipe; and different sequences from R. asanii and allied taxa. Some notes on the ecology of the newly described species, a key to the thus far known Turkish Rhodocybe taxa, and phylogenetic trees are provided.


Basidiomycota, Agaricomycetes, Agaricales, new species, Trabzon

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