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The morphological traits of the resin duct of the needle leaves of Abies koreana E.H.Wilson, an endemic species of Korea, and its related species were analysed. The quantitative traits of the resin ducts from 289 individuals were measured, and the observed resin duct types were compared with previous studies. As a result, each characteristic of the resin duct showed some clinal variations with latitude changes. The variations had extreme values in A. nephrolepis (Trautv.) Maxim. on Mt. Sikhote-Alin (Russia) and in A. koreana on Mt. Halla (Korea). In addition, it was difficult to suggest just one type of resin duct in some taxa. Thus, further studies on the type of resin duct will need to survey the entire distribution area of a taxon and analyse the quantitative traits to determine the range of morphological variation.

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