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The role of smoke as a fire-related germination cue is well known in many parts of the world, including Mediterranean-type ecosystems; however, it has been neglected in the Mediterranean Basin (MB). We studied the germination response of 5 woody species found in the eastern MB (south-western Turkey) to smoke solutions derived from different plant species. Of the 5 species examined, 2 [Sarcopoterium spinosum (L.) Spach and Satureja thymbra L.] showed significant increments in germination percentage after smoke treatments compared to the control, while the remaining 3 [Calicotome villosa (Poir.) Link, Cistus salviifolius L., and Lavandula stoechas L.] did not. However, none of the species showed any change in the germination rate. In addition, smoke solutions derived from various plants did not affect the germination response (germination percentage and rate) in all species. The results confirm that the effect of smoke originating from different plant species on germination response is globally similar regardless of the region. Our study helps to fill the gap in the literature on smoke-induced germination in the eastern MB and supports the idea that smoke is important to postfire germination in the MB.


Aqueous smoke extracts, fire, seed germination, Mediterranean Basin, Turkey

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