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A continuous aeropalynological survey of the atmosphere of Kırklareli was carried out from January 2002 to December 2003 by means of the gravimetric method using Durham apparatus. Weekly pollen grains in per cm^2 were calculated. During these 2 years, a total of 11,758 pollen grains were recorded. Pollen fall in the years 2002-2003 comprised grains belonging 46 taxa. Of these taxa, 26 belonged to arboreal and 20 taxa non-arboreal plants. In 2002, 6011 pollen grains and, in 2003, 5747 pollen grains were recorded. Total pollen grains consisted of 71.02% grains from arboreal plants, 28.93% grains from non-arboreal plants, and 0.05% unidentified pollen grains. Pollen from the following taxa we also found to be prevalent in the atmosphere of Kırklareli: Pinus spp., Cupressaceae/Taxaceae, Gramineae, Quercus spp., Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae, Plantago spp., Platanus spp., Aesculus spp., Xanthium spp., Fagus spp., Robinia spp., Urticaceae, Betula spp., and Oleaceae, Artemisia spp. A total of 64.95% pollen grains appeared during April to June. The pollen calendar for the region presented in this paper may be useful for allergologists to make an exact diagnosis.


Turkey, Kırklareli, pollen calendar, aeropalynology

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