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Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) is one of the easiest and most commonly used molecular techniques for genetic variability analysis. In the present study, the genetic diversity of analysis of Bellis perennis L. collected in 4 Turkish geographical locations was investigated by RAPD-PCR analysis. In addition to RAPD, pollen analysis of the 4 plant populations was also conducted. Out of 40 RAPD primers tested, 12 exhibited distinct banding patterns showing 45% to 79% polymorphism. Plants from these 4 localities were almost the same morphologically. Considerable differences were observed in the RAPD profile and pollen shape of plants from the Rize/Dereköy location. The results of this study clearly show that there are significant variations in the field collected populations of B. perennis from different geographic and climatic locations in Turkey. Environmental conditions may help us to determine the genomic structures of species.


Bellis perennis, RAPD-PCR, pollen

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