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Seasonal variations in the composition, density and diversity of the epipelic diatom assemblages were investigated monthly from March, 1999, to September, 2000, at 8 sampling sites chosen in the littoral of İzmit Bay. The main physical and chemical parameters, which affected species composition and density, were also measured on every sampling date. During the study period, 3 centric and 41 pennate diatoms were recorded in the epipelic diatom flora of the bay. Achnanthes Bory spp., Amphora exigua W.Greg. and Navicula tripunctata (O.Müll.) Bory were dominant in terms of frequency and density. In general, the bay showed a small species diversity in epipelic diatoms (annual mean 1.46 ± 0.44 bits ind^{-1}). In addition to marine diatoms, freshwater species were also recorded in the epipelic diatom assemblages.


Epipelic diatom, density, species diversity, İzmit Bay

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