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This investigation was carried out between 1994 and 1997 in order to contribute to knowledge on Artvin's flora. The Artvin area reflects the eastern part of the Black Sea region's rich floristic composition. The research area under review is in the Colchic province of the Euro-Siberian floristic area in the Holarctic region and is found in the A8 square according to grid system of Davis. In the studied area, 769 taxa belonging to 374 genera and 95 families were determined. Of the 769 taxa, 26 Pteridophytes and 743 Spermatophytes were detected. Spermatophytes also contained 10 Gymnospermae and 733 Angiospermae taxa. The largest five families are Compositae with 73 taxa (9.5%), Leguminosae with 67 taxa (8.7%), Rosaceae with 50 taxa (6.5%), Cruciferae with 49 taxa (6.4%) and Labiatae with 42 taxa (5.5%). The largest genus is Trifolium L. (14 taxa) and the second is Astragalus L. (13 taxa). The distribution of the taxa according to the phytogeographical regions was as follows: 35.6% Euro-Siberian, 6.9% Irano-Turanian, 2.2% Mediterranean and 55.3% unknown. Endemism is 7.4% and included 57 endemic taxa.


Flora, National Park, Hatila Valley, Artvin.

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