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Airborne Pollen Concentration in Görükle Campus (Bursa), 1991-1992




In the atmosphere of Görükle Campus 7268 pollen grains/cm2 from 32 taxa (18 arboreal, 14 non-arboreal) and unidentified pollen grains were recorded using the gravimetric method over a period of two years (1991-1992). Pollen grains from arboreal plants (58.63%), non-arboreal plants (37.64%) and unidentified sources (3.73%) constitute the total pollen concentration. Pollen from the following taxa were also found to be prevalent in the atmosphere of Görükle; Gramineae, Pinus L., Quercus L., Platanus orientalis L., Olea europaea L., Oleaceae, Plantago L., Chenopodiaceae / Amaranthaceae, Urtica L. and Cupressaceae/ Taxaceae. During the study period the pollen concentration reached its highest level between March and July.

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