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Contribution to the Flora of Malatya I A Preliminary Study at the Vicinity of Sürgü-Çelikhan




This study includes vascular plant species and the floristic properties of Sürgü-Çelikhan vicinity. From this area, 950 plant specimens have been collected between 1988-1990. At the end of study 66 families, 270 genera and 561 species (586 taxa) has been established. All of the species belong to Angiospermae except for Equisetum palustre L. (Sphenophyta) and Juniperus oxycedrus L. (Gymno spermae). The families which have highest species number are Fabaceae (67), Asteraceae (63) and Brassicaceae (49). According to the phytogeographical region, distribution of species as follows: Irano-Turanians 195 (34.8 %), Mediterraneans 75 (10.2 %), Euro-Siberians 25 (4.5 %). 73 species (13.0 %) are endemic to Turkey. As a result of study we may point and that populations of many species in the area decreased rapidly due to the aridity, over grazing and severe erosion.


Flora, Vascular Plant, Malatya, Turkey

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