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Ecological Studies on Ferula communis L. subsp. communis (Umbelliferae)




In this study, the macroelement concentrations of different parts of Ferula communis L. subsp. communis which belonging to Mediterranean phytogeographic region and located at Black Sea Region have been determined during the vegetative and generative growth phases. In addition to this plant samples belonging to the main distribution area have been taken and the results have been compared with each other. Finally it has been determined that there is a difference between two regions in respect to phosphorus and potassium concentrations of stems during vegetative growth phase and potassium concentrations of leaves during generative growth phase. In addition to these the reasons of occuring of this plant at Black Sea Region have been discussed.


Ferula communis L. subsp. communis, Vegetative and Generative Growth Phases, Macroelement Concentrations.

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