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The Flora of Tercan Environments and of Sengül (Erzincan) and Bagirbaba (Tunceli) Mountains


Yusuf KAYA




This floristic research has been carried out in the area between Tercan and Mutu. The plants of this research area have been collected and identified at different time periods between 1989-1990. As a result, 661 species, 131 subspecies, and 70 varieties belonging to 304 genera and 74 families have been determined. In the research area, the families that contain the highest number of taxa are Asteraceae 71 (11%), Fabaceae 63 (9.5%), Lamiaceae 55 (8.3 %) and Poaceae 50 (7.7 %), respectively. The genera with the highest number of species are Astragalus 18 (6%), Silene 14 (4.6%) and Salvia 13 (4.3%). The distribution of collected taxa from the research area with respect to their floristic regions are as follows: 165 (25%) Irano-Turanian, 63 (9.5%) Euro-Siberian, 29 (4.4%) Mediterranean and 8 (1.2%) Euxine. It has been determined that 124 species (18.8%) of the collected species are widespread. On the other hand, the floristic regions of 272 species (41.1 %) could not be determined . A total of 43 taxa are endemics and the endemizm rate is 6.5%.


Turkey, Flora

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