Turk J Bot
E-ISSN: 1303-6106
ISSN: 1300-008X
Year: 1997 Volume: 21 Number: 2
  1. Behaviour of Growth in Some Spring, Alternative and Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Seedlings Under Low Temperature Conditions
    Serpil TERZİOĞLU, Yasemin EKMEKÇİ
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 73-79
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  2. Response of Some Microalgae to Herbicides
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 81-83
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  3. Effects of Heavy Metals (Zn, Cd, Cu, Hg) on the Soluble Protein Bands of Germinating Lens esculenta L. Seeds
    Faik Ahmet AYAZ, Asım KADIOĞLU
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 85-88
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  4. Polyphenol-Oxidase Activity During Rooting in Cuttings of Three Different Poplar Species
    Tohit GÜNEŞ
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 89-92
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  5. The Distribution of Nutrients in The Different Strata of A Quercus Cerris L. var. cerris Forest
    Hamdi Güray KUTBAY
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 93-98
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  6. A New Species From South Anatolia-Aethionema karamanicus (Cruciferae)
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 99-101
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  7. Two New Records for the Mycoflora of Turkey
    Kenan DEMİREL
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 103-105
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  8. Two New Ascomycete Records for the Fungi Flora of Turkey
    Ahmet AFYON
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 107-108
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  9. New Records of Turkish Mycoflora from Beyşehir, in the Konya Province
    Ahmet AFYON
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 109-113
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  10. New Records of Turkish Macrofungi in Derbent County, Konya Province
    Ahmet AFYON
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 115-117
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  11. Contributions to The Macrofungal Flora of Diyarbakır
    Abdunnasır YILDIZ, A. Selçuk ERTEKİN
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 119-122
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  12. New Floristic Records From Various Grid Squares in Anatolia
    Zeki AYTAÇ, Murat EKİCİ
    Turk J Bot, 21, (1997), 123-125
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