Turk J Bot
E-ISSN: 1303-6106
ISSN: 1300-008X
Year: 1998 Volume: 22 Number: 3
  1. Pollen Flora of Pakistan - X. Leguminosae (Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae)
    Anjum PERVEEN, Mohammad QAISER
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 145-150
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  2. Pollen Flora of Pakistan - XI. Leguminosae (Subfamily: Mimosoideae)
    Anjum PERVEEN, Mohammad QAISER
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 151-156
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  3. Phytosociological and Ecological Structure of Fraxinus Angustifolia Subsp. oxycarpa Forests in the Central Black Sea Region
    Hamdi Güray KUTBAY, Mahmut KILINÇ, Ali KANDEMİR
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 157-162
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  4. A Study on the Epipelic and Epilithic Algae of Sana River (Trabzon/Turkey)
    Saadet KOLAYLI, Arif BAYSAL, Bülent ŞAHİN
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 163-170
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  5. A Study on the Benthic Algae of Uzungöl (Trabzon)
    Bülent ŞAHİN
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 171-190
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  6. Lichens of the Akşehir District (Konya)
    Feray KARABULUT, A. Özdemir TÜRK
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 191-198
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  7. Phenotypic Plasticity in Turkish Commelina communis L.(Commelinaceae) Populations
    Hamdi Güray KUTBAY, Fevzi UÇKAN
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 199-204
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  8. Three Alien Species New to the Flora of Turkey
    Andrew J. BYFIELD, Asuman BAYTOP
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 205-208
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  9. New Floristic Records for the Grid Square C_3 (Akseki-Antalya-Turkey)
    Ahmet DURAN, Hayri DUMAN
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 209-212
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  10. New Floristic Records For Square B5
    Necati ÇELİK, Erol DÖNMEZ
    Turk J Bot, 22, (1998), 213-216
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