Taxonomy of the Genus Prunus L. (Rosaceae) in Turkey


Abstract: The taxonomy of the genus PrunusL. in Turkey is studied in detail. According to morphological characters, descriptions of the species have been evaluated and completed. P. kurdica Fenzl ex Fritsch, P. cocomilia Ten. var. puberula(Schneider) Browicz and P. divaricata Ledeb. subsp. ursina (Kotschy) Browicz are reduced to synonyms. A new key for the identification of the species has been prepared. Illustrations and distribution maps of particular species in Turkey were added to other information. Furthermore, data concerning habitat, altitude, flowering and fruiting time, distribution, chromosome numbers and taxonomic discussion for some species are given. Three new synonyms are proposed here. Palynological and anatomical results of many samples are discussed.

Keywords: Prunus, Rosaceae, Revision, Flora of Turkey.

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