Flora of the Gölcük Area (Bolu, Turkey)


Abstract: Field studies were carried out to determine the vascular flora of the Gölcük area (Bolu) during 1997-1998. At the end of the evaluation of the identification of the collected specimens and the results of previous studies, 80 families, 277 genera, 461 species and 475 taxa in total were determined. The rates of species belonging to certain phytogegraphical regions are as follows: the Euro-Siberians 30.8% (142 spp.), the Irano-Turanians 1.5% (7 spp.), the Mediterraneans 5.2% (24 spp.), and phytogeographically unknown 58.4% (269 spp.). The number of endemic taxa found in the research area is 16; thus the endemism rate is 3.5%. The largest 3 families are Asteraceae (43 spp.; 9.3%), Poaceae (43 spp.; 9.3%), and Fabaceae (40 spp.; 8.7%). The largest 3 genera are Vicia L. (10 spp.; 2.2%), Trifolium L. (8 spp.; 1.7%), and Veronica L. (7 spp.; 1.5%).

Keywords: Gölcük, Bolu, flora, Turkey

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