New records from Artabel Lakes Nature Park (Gümüşhane/Turkey) to the freshwater algal flora of Turkey


Abstract: Six newly recorded taxa, Chlamydomonas pertusa Chodat, Coenochloris pyrenoidosa Korshikov, Coenocystis tapasteana Komárek, Katagnymene accurata Geitler, Phormidium stagninum Anagnostidis, and Scytonema coactile Montagne ex Bornet & Flahault, were described from epipelic, epilithic, and epiphytic materials of the 17 high mountain lakes and a pond in Artabel Lakes Nature Park. The morphology of all species was examined by light microscopy. In this paper, the morphology, ecology, and distribution of these species are discussed. Photos of the species are also provided.

Keywords: New record, high mountain lakes, Artabel Lakes Nature Park, Turkey

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