A new species of foliicolous lichenized fungi from southwest China: Calopadia ruiliensis sp. nov.

Authors: Hai-Xia Wu, Wei-Bin Ren, Xin-Hao Li, Zi-Xiang Yang

Abstract: Calopadia ruiliensis, found on living leaves in southwest China, is described as a new species, based on morphology and phylogenetic analysis. It is characterized by a foliicolous thallus with yellow greenish to creamy yellow color, rounded apothecia with nonpruinose to thinly pruinose disc, a dark olive-green hypothecium and black-brown subhymenium, and 1-spored asci producing muriform ascospores. Phylogenetic analysis of LSU sequence data shows that the new species clusters in the genus Calopadia with high bootstrap support. The new species is compared with closely related and similar species of Calopadia and a comprehensive description and micrographs are provided.

Keywords: Pilocarpaceae, new taxon, morphology, phylogeny, taxonomy

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