Cytological evidence for gametophytic self-incompatibility in the genus Veronica


Abstract: The self-incompatibility (SI) of 3 Middle East Veronica species (V. filiformis, V. gentianoides, V. teucrium) is studied, for the first time, by pollination and pollen tube growth experiments. Cytological observations of the self-pollen tubes within the pistils permit a conclusion about the presence of a gametophytic SI system in the first 2 species. The investigated population of the third is self-compatible and confirms the facultative trait of its self-sterility. The presence of a gametophytic SI system in 2 of them suggests the putative conservation of this SI system within the genus Veronica (Plantaginaceae) and could be related to the well-known gametophytic SI system present in the other Plantaginaceae genus, Antirrhinum.

Keywords: Pollen tube growth experiment, gametophytic, self-incompatibility, Veronica

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