The Flora of the Boyabat (Sinop) Dam and Its Environs


Abstract: This study was carried out over three years, from 1990 to 1993. The study area is situated between Kepez gorge and Devrez stream of Kızılırmak valley. In the study area, 1016 species belonging to 441 genera and 99 families were identified. Distribution rates of the species in terms of phytogeographic regions are as follows: 12.40% Euro-Siberian, 3.83% Euxine, 0.68% Hyrcano-Euxine, 11.31% Irano-Turanian and 9.74% Mediterranean. The number of endemic species is 106 and the rate of endemism is 10.43%.

Keywords: Flora, The Boyabat Dam, The Black Sea Region.

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