The Rediscovery of Some Taxa Thought to Have Been Extinct in Turkey


Abstract: This paper reports the re-discovery of Barbarea auriculata Hausskn. ex Bornm. var. auriculata (Brassicaceae), Onobrychis nitida Boiss. (Fabaceae), Onosma discedens Hausskn. ex Bornm. (Boraginaceae), and Silene oligotricha Hub.-Mor. (Caryophyllaceae). All of these taxa had been listed as Extinct (EX), according to the World Conservation Union Red List Categories. This study provides the re-descriptions of these taxa, presents field observations of these taxa, and suggests new IUCN categories.

Keywords: Local endemic, Barbarea, Onosma, Onobrychis, Silene, Turkey

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