Selected Chemical Constituents and Their Seasonal Variations in Flabellia petiolata (Turra) Nizam. and Halimeda tuna (Ellis & Sol.) J.V.Lamour. in the Gulf of Antalya (North-eastern Mediterranean)


Abstract: Seasonal changes in selected chemical, ecological and morphological characteristics of Flabellia petiolata (Turra) Nizam. and Halimeda tuna (Ellis & Sol.) J.V.Lamour., which are commonly found in the Gulf of Antalya, were studied. Crude protein content of F. petiolata was found to be higher than that of H. tuna, whereas the crude fat contents of the two species were similar. On the other hand, compared to F. petiolata, H. tuna was rich in inorganic material. Both species were observed to be dense on a seasonal basis in the sampling area and they reached their maximum length during summer.

Keywords: Flabellia petiolata, Halimeda tuna, Chemical composition, Seasonal.

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