Seed Morphology and Seed Coat Sculpturing of Epilobium L. Species (Onagraceae Juss.) from Iran


Abstract: The seeds of 32 specimens belonging to 15 species from 2 sections of the genus Epilobium L. (Onagraceae Juss.) were studied by both a light and scanning electron microscope (SEM). Seed morphology of the examined specimens exhibits some variation in shape and size. Seed size ranges between 0.97 mm and 2.2 mm in length. They are ovate, oblong-ovate, and narrowly ovate (ovate-attenuate). The results of SEM investigation of seed coat sculpturing also revealed 5 distinct types of surface structure of the seeds, which are mainly correlated to external morphology of the species.

Keywords: Epilobium, Onagraceae, Seed coat, Seed morphology, SEM

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